Scrolling Youtube for classic Grand Junction, Colorado TV commercials shows us we are not the only one remembering some of these classic tag lines from years past.

Can you remember a line from a local commercial that you can still recall years later? Maybe you heard the ad so many times it's stuck in your head all these years later. Perhaps the ad was so funny or quirky that you still remember the lines today?

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Remembering Classic Grand Junction Colorado TV Commercials

From the line "second pair free, second pair free" to the line "my wife is out saving money at Safeway right now", we've heard some great tag lines that you still remember from local commercials that aired right here in Grand Junction over the years. The photo gallery below shows off which lines you remember the most.

Which Old Grand Junction, Colorado Commercials are on Youtube?

Grand Junction's Fun Junction Theme Park

You never know what you find until you start searching. We found this classic flashback for Fun Junction in Grand Junction. What else is out there? If you find a classic commercial for Mesa Mall or another Grand Junction business, please send in the link so we can add the video here.

See Which Classic Grand Junction Commercials You Remember the Most

Click here to see the original QOTD on our Facebook page, or open our station app and send in a line that you remember by using our app chat feature. We would love to be reminded about some more fun commercials or great local characters that appeared on Grand Valley television sets over the years.

How Many Classic Grand Junction Colorado Commercials Can You Remember?

We asked you to recall a line from a classic Grand Junction television commercial. We are lucky to have had so many memorable ones over the years. Share a line that you remember on our Facebook page or with the app chat feature on our station app. 

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