Do you remember when you were four years old and a complete sucker? You believed everything people told you. What did we believe as children in Grand Junction, Colorado?

I asked on Facebook, "What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?" Check out the gallery below. You'll find a handful of doozies.

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Crazy Childhood Beliefs

Call it what you will: fantasy, innocence, gullibility, Fake News, whatever you like. As children, we tend to believe things. Given what we saw on Gilligan's Island, reruns of the 1960s Batman TV show, not to mention countless westerns, little kids in Grand Junction were deeply concerned about the dangers of encountering quicksand.

Between our parents and the TV, our little brains were bombarded with falsehoods that seemed pretty legit at the time.

A True Gem Out of Grand Junction

Every answer submitted was great. You'll find them in the gallery below. One exceptional "belief" came to us from Rose R. Not that this was a competition, but this one, in my opinion, was pure awesomeness.

Things Grand Junction Believed as a Child winner
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Common Silly Childhood Beliefs

The website Best Life Online offers "30 Hilarious Things Everyone Believed as Kids." A few examples include:

  • A blanket can protect you from anything
  • When you kiss someone, you're automatically married
  • Chocolate milk comes from brown cows
  • Alligators live in the sewers and climb up pipes and will crawl out of the toilet and bite you on the butt
  • The floor could become lava at any moment, and your only protection is the living room couch

Beliefs Out of Grand Junction

Based on your replies, it seems as though parents have a collection of popular myths they like to borrow from, and then use to make kids behave. You'll recognize a few of those right off the bat.

Strange Things Grand Junction Believed In When We Were Children

Do you remember as a child when you believed a blanket could protect you from anything? Remember when you would make a funny face and someone told you it would get stuck like that forever?

I asked on Facebook, "What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?"

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