Imagine the incredible work we could do in Grand Junction if it weren't for money. If money didn't matter, what would you do for work?

I asked this question on Facebook. Judging by the responses, most everyone in Western Colorado is looking for gigs that could best be described as "rewarding."

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Endless List of Possibilities

We all know the person who in reality is an amazing musician or painter, but life got in the way and they had to settle for 9 to 5 gigs. Playing bar gigs twice a week at $75 a pop doesn't pay the bills. It's my understanding kids like to eat, and sometimes even need things like clothes and trips to the dentist. Having a family can really get in the way of pursuing your dream career.

It's safe to say that those with skills would love to be master craftsmen, maybe making furniture, carvings, or possibly even luthier work. Who doesn't want to be a renaissance man? Unfortunately, that doesn't always bring home the bacon.

People Said This On Reddit

The website Reddit asked the same question. Just like this post, many people replied they would continue to do precisely the same thing they're doing now.

A few popular replies from Reddit include:

  • Wouldn't mind a quiet paper route in a small Italian town.
  • Teach high school math and science. I'm so passionate about education, but the salary is terrible.
  • What I do now, is work in a gas station. I mostly just dance behind the counter
  • I'd just go to school forever.
  • A Super Critic. Movies, restaurants, cruises, bars, airlines, etc. You name it; experience everything and publish my thoughts about the subject.
  • Photographer for national geographic.
  • Professional puppy playmate.
  • I would open a dog rescue for senior dogs to live out their golden years by going for golf cart rides, playing fetch, snuggling, and taking naps.

Recurring Themes Out of Grand Junction, Colorado

It seems we love our animals here in Western Colorado. Check out the gallery below and you'll see that work of some kind involving animals makes up about 50% of the replies.

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