In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, July 6, I asked, "Where will you find Grand Junction's best fried chicken?" Here's what you had to say.

Voting remained open for a total of six days. In the end, it was a tight race, but we finally have our champion.

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National Fried Chicken Day

I give you my word I didn't make this up. July 6, 2022, was National Fried Chicken Day. It's always celebrated on July 6.

How does one celebrate? Put simply, you eat fried chicken.

Past Favorites In Grand Junction, Colorado

Four years ago we conducted a survey asking "Who makes the best fried chicken in Grand Junction?" Per your votes, the results were:

  1. Roosters at 2210 Highway 6 & 50
  2. Berna B's Classic Cuisine at 2019 Patterson Road
  3. KFC at 1111 North Avenue

Why Did I Do The Survey Again?

Well, it's been four years since we asked you to vote for Grand Junction's best fried chicken. We vote every four years for a President, so why not have another vote for fried chicken?

What Does Yelp! Have To Say About This?

The website Yelp! produced different results. According to Yelp!, the top ten places for fried chicken in Grand Junction are:

  1. Alarado Biscuit Company
  2. Randy's Southside Diner
  3. Berna B's Classic Cuisine & Catering
  4. Golden Corral Buffet & Grill
  5. 626 On Rood
  6. Feisty Pint
  7. Bin 707 Foodbar
  8. Rockslide Restaurant and Brewery
  9. Mike's Famous Chicken
  10. Pufferbelly Restaurant

And The Winner Is...?

After six days of intense voting, the results are in. According to you, the makers of the best fried chicken in Grand Junction are:

Mike's Famous Chicken / Canva
Popeye's / Canva
Chick-fil-A / Canva
KFC North Avenue Grand Junction / Canva
Golden Corral / Canva

Congratulations to Mike's Famous Chicken. What began as a write-in vote rapidly turned into a triumph finish as the #1 fried chicken in the valley. According to Mike's Famous Chicken's Facebook page, their product can be described as "Fried Chicken... So Good, It Should Be ILLEGAL!!"

You may be saying, "Wait, Mike's Famous Chicken is in Fruita." That is correct. This survey included restaurants/food trucks in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Clifton.

This was one of the tightest races I've ever seen when it comes to our surveys. Clearly, you love your Western Colorado restaurants. Congratulations to all of our finalists.

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