When I was growing up we had a 1954  Chevy, of course, I wasn't born yet. I am the youngest of four. This is the car that my Dad first bought for our family. My Dad and my sister restored this Gem. This now belongs to my sister.

Cody Carlson

This is a 1919 Model T Ford Touring, which belonged at one time to my Dad he had this all his life. My sister and her husband restored this to its natural beauty.

Cody Carlson

This is another car my Dad restored it is a 1928 Ford Sport Coup' Model A.

Cody Carlson

Here is a 1955 Chevy which my sister and her husband restored.

We sure love the past. We love remembering the days of old and the quality and the craftsmanship of days gone by.

Beautiful cars, with big roaring engines. My Dad loved restoring old cars and tractors anything with an engine he could pretty much get it to work. When he passed away, he had an array of vehicles from Model T's, Model A's, Fordson Tractor, John Deere Green Tractor's, 1976 Jeep with a V-6 engine. He had also restored the original Chewelah Washington Firetruck.

He loved working on old cars and trucks, and that brought him so much enjoyment. I also owned two Model T's, a 1918 Model T and a 1928 Model T  I passed on the Model T's to my nephews. I also owned a 1976 Jeep with a V6 that I sold to my Uncle.

I also had three tractors including a Cub Tractor, Fordson and John Deere.

I can see why so many of you love classic cars.

On September 22nd Downtown Grand Junction will be filled with Classic cars and motorcycles. There will be a fun competition with different categories competing for some great prizes. If you would like to get entered in some of the friendly competition, September 19 is the deadline.