When was the last time you embarked on a fantastic voyage into that black hole known as a wallet or purse? People in Grand Junction, Colorado carry bizarre stuff with them wherever they go.

I asked on Facebook, "What is something you have in your wallet/purse that you think no one else has in theirs?"

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What Brought This Up?

While going through my wallet earlier this week, a couple of long-forgotten gift cards emerged from the darkness. After a little investigating and a few 1-800 phone calls, it was discovered the Downtown Grand Junction gift card had a whopping balance of $0.00, and a two-year-old Vanilla gift card was valued at $0.00.

It sure is a good thing these were taking up space in my wallet during my trip to Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Oregon. I would have hated to have found myself in a jam without these valueless gift cards.

Strange Things Can Come In Handy

Sometimes we carry bizarre junk for a reason. Looking at reddit, an interesting "habit" was brought up. Ratwing wrote:

Shameful confession - I have pics of my kids when they were 12/13 because I once heard that wallets are more likely to be returned if they have family photos. I've been divorced for 5 years and my kids are now 23 and 24.

To which an upstanding, precious member of society by the name of LesEnfantsTerribles replied:

Oh so if I keep multiple photos of underage children in my wallet I increase the chances of getting back my wallet? But wait a minute...

Weird Things We Carry In Grand Junction, Colorado

In addition to depleted gift cards, I also found a post-it note with my dad's pharmacy information, including his account info and a list of his medications. That was great several years ago when I used to take my dad to the pharmacy. Given that he's been dead for three years, it may be time to retire this item.

Check out the awesome gallery below. Grand Junction residents have found everything from food items to weaponry occupying the various crevices of their wallets and purses.

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