Take a drive down North Avenue in Grand Junction, and you'll see construction underway at the car wash just east of 6th Street. What's going on?

For some time now the car wash at this location has been dormant. Out of nowhere, it appears as though a reboot is in the works.

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Hasn't there always been a car wash there?

In the past, this location was called Canyon View Car Wash. It's the kind of wash where you remain in your vehicle and drive through while these way-cool fuzzy brushes return your car to its original shine.

Not that long ago we used to take our fleet (okay, a total of four) of mighty station vehicles to this wash. It always did an impressive job. Our way-bitchen Kia Soul would come out shining like a brand new penny.

You mean they were closed?

Looking back over the last ten years, it seems as though the car wash has toggled back and forth between being open for business and being closed.

I stopped by Tuesday, April 13 to speak with the owner. As it turns out he owns a couple of car washes around the valley. He informed me work is underway to get the North Avenue location up and running again.

What is the ETA?

According to the owner, the car wash at 1110 N. 6th Street should be up and running again within three months. With that in mind, it appears we can anticipate a mid-July 2021 reopening of this location.

Another Grand Junction business to utilize.

Is it just me, or are things looking up? This is the third time in the last five days I've heard about a new locally owned business starting up. A few days ago I told you about a new tavern coming to downtown Fruita. Yesterday alone I learned of two new businesses coming to town. One would be this car wash, the other a new bar/restaurant a buddy of mine will be opening shortly.

Here's looking forward to the reopening of this awesome car wash near Grand Junction high school. The location is certainly convenient. I think I'll have to hit MegaBucks (our General Manager) about getting us a fleet account.

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