Everyone on my block has already put up their Christmas Tree. If you're planning to decorate soon, seize the opportunity to totally geek out your Christmas tree with these awesome ornaments.

Everybody and their dog decorates with lights and round ornaments. For the last 26 years, my tree has been adorned with these chick-magnet decorations. Okay, so it's nerdy. At least I'm unique. I strongly recommend you acquire some of these ornaments. You'll have the most unique tree on the block, and you'll enjoy the holidays knowing your friends and neighbors are laughing with you, and not at you.

Seriously, these ornaments are awesome. They're collectible, and really add something special to your tree. Who would have ever thought star ships would look at home on a Christmas Tree?

Star Trek Ornaments
Waylon Jordan

For your consideration, these are five ornaments that will add the perfect touch to your tree.

Check out the first selection. Remember, this Christmas marks the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and the debut of this incredible vessel.

It's hard to imagine a Christmas tree without this ornament.

This was one of the first ornaments to be released, and in my opinion, remains one of the best. The detail is magnificent.

What Christmas tree would be complete without this?

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like the image of a man dying from radiation burns in the Intermix Chamber of a star ship. Get yours today!

Seriously, I'm very proud of my tree, and look forward to breaking out these ornaments each year. While I already have an extensive collection of Star Trek ornaments, of those listed above, the shuttlecraft Galileo is the only one I have. With that in mind, the ornaments shown here are on my wish list, too.

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