We are seeing businesses struggling to find employees everywhere right now. There have been local restaurants that have changed their hours of operation to lighten the workload on their current staff. But this isn't just a local issue as big companies are having a hard time finding workers for the current job openings. The giant company of Amazon just announced earlier this week that they will stop prescreening employees testing for marijuana. Do you think that Grand Junction businesses should stop screening for marijuana just like the big companies are starting to do?

Obviously, this is a very difficult question that covers lots of different types of jobs. And remember the question is about prescreening before employment. This would not allow employees to show up stoned whenever they want. In fact, Amazon has already stated that any accident that takes place at work will still require employees to be tested for drugs and alcohol.

It Will Be Interesting to See Which Employers Stop Drug Testing

Here in Grand Junction and across the nation, there are going to be certain employees that will continue with the prescreening especially those in the medical field. But I could also see lots of employers deciding to stop with the drug testing seeing as how it's an added expense.

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