This Friday, June 24, 2022, is National Food Truck Day. When you're craving a visit to a Grand Junction, Colorado area food truck, where do you like to go?

Food trucks are popping up right and left. These are the ultimate small local business. Which would you rank as the best of the best?

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Let's Celebrate National Food Truck Day

According to Holiday Insights, this Friday is National Food Truck Day. The site reads:

National Food Truck Day, also called National Eat at a Food Truck Day, is today. School is out, and summer has arrived. Thousands of food trucks around the country have hit the road. Food trucks are largely run by local, small business entrepreneurs. You can find them at street corners, in parks, and at special events. When you eat at a food truck, you are supporting your local small businesses.

Quite the Phenomenon

It appears as though food trucks are all the rage. I have to admit, this is a craze I have yet to catch on to. Then again, I still dress the same way I did in 1982.

Food trucks are everywhere. Two weeks ago I attended a motorcycle event at a park in Montrose. Food trucks were everywhere. They ranged from specialty sandwich trucks, shaved ice, and a good ol' food truck offering a variety of soft drinks, potato chips, and other "event" style foods.

Take Today For Example

The Grand Junction Police Department hosts its own food truck series on Wednesdays. Today, they are hosting Tacos Del Centenario. Next week they'll host Smokey Bonez BBQ.

The City of Grand Junction's "Approved" List

If you visit the City of Grand Junction's official webpage, you'll find a list of "approved" food trucks. What do they consider "approved" food trucks? According to the webpage:

An event serviced by a retail food establishment that provides a contracted, prearranged number of meals and/or food products that are prepared at a licensed retail food establishment for service and are consumed at the same or another prearranged offsite location and not available for individual purchase. Catered events can also include delivered or drop and go food from a licensed retail food establishment.

Okay, that works, I guess. Looking at the page, you'll see the following vendors on the list:

  • Armando Tacos
  • B&C BBQ
  • Big Mike's Pork & Wings
  • Cha Cha Churro Bar
  • DJ & LJ Dogs
  • Fruita Mountain Berry Bowls
  • Gumbo Lov
  • Jax Food Truck
  • Mount Garfield Food Truck
  • Nomad Bowlz
  • Sugar & Ice Co.
  • The Little Pink Truck

Please note, that these are just a few examples from the list. This sample does not include those trucks serving the area which might not be licensed in Grand Junction.

Vote For Your Favorite Grand Junction Area Food Truck

Share the love with your favorite food truck. Keep in mind that these individuals are standing over a hot grill in a tiny, cramped trailer in 100-degree heat. That's after hauling the truck to the event. Let them know how much you appreciate what you do.

I'm going to start the list with a list of food trucks licensed in the area. If I missed someone, which I undoubtedly did, please do a write-in vote, and they'll be added to the official poll.

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