According to the site Yelp!, these are the ten best coffee shops in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Around this studio, every day is National Coffee Day. When you bypass your household coffee maker in favor of a local Grand Junction shop, where do you like to go?

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New Spin on an Old Theme

We've posted about this topic before. Since that time, a number of new shops have opened, and a handful have relocated. In addition, Yelp! scores are based on user reviews, so they tend to fluctuate. In the last year, there has been movement on the chart.

What Makes a Coffee Shop Great?

According to the Camden Chronicle, people look for the following in a coffee shop:

  • Good Coffee. Don't overthink this—people want great coffee from their coffee shop. ...
  • A Pleasing Design & Layout. People see coffee shops as venues for creativity and aesthetic distinctness. ...
  • Friendly Baristas. ...
  • Distinct Food. ...
  • Technology-Friendly Features.

Personally, I could care less about distinct food, friendly or unfriendly baristas, technology, or even the ambiance. Put simply, I'm looking for good coffee that's fast, convenient, and doesn't require me to take out a loan.

Getting Out Of The House

I desperately want to be a cyber-geek. I bought a tablet in hopes of setting up shop in a local coffee shop and searching the internet for pointless information. That lasted a grand total of about a minute and a half.

Any one of us can buy a Mr. Coffee and enjoy a cup at pennies on the dollar compared to going out. Nevertheless, there is such a thing as ambiance and the occasional need for social interaction.

Grand Junction's 10 Best According to Yelp!

When has Yelp! ever steered you wrong? Here's a top ten list based on user reviews to point you in the direction of the best coffee in the valley. In the last year, two of the previous top ten have closed their doors, and one has been dispaced by another local coffee shop. These are Grand Junction's (and one in Fruita) best coffee shops according to Yelp! for fall 2022.

Grand Junction's 10 Best Places for Coffee According to Yelp!

According to Yelp! reviews, these are the ten best places to find coffee in Grand Junction. The list has changed in the last year, so please give it a good look.

This is How Grand Junction Colorado Likes Their Coffee

I would never have guessed people could be so specific as to how they like their coffee. Grand Junction takes this topic very seriously. According to you, this is the way you like your coffee.

11 Grand Junction Businesses Everyone Misses

Sometimes we just don't know a good thing until it's gone. That's exactly how I feel about a lot of businesses that have left the Grand Junction landscape in the last 15 years or so. These are businesses that somehow I didn't fully appreciate when they were here.

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