Are you wearing your pants when checking the mailbox? It's safe to say most if not all Grand Junction residents probably are. Some other parts of the country - not so much.

Police in Taneytown, Maryland sent out the following message on Facebook yesterday -

Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox. You know who you are. This is your final warning.

I don't know about you, but here lately, I'm guilty of a few infractions when checking my mailbox:

  • Hair hasn't been combed
  • Wearing the same sweatshirt for a month
  • Eye boogers
  • Not entirely awake
  • Pants so filthy they could stand up by themselves

Given the recent situation and the Stay at Home order, for most Americans, every day is "Casual Friday." It seems some have taken this to the extreme.

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The police response in Taneytown raises an interesting question: Is vising your mailbox sans pants actually against the law? Some residents have expressed via Facebook that local law enforcement is overstepping by acting as "Fashion Police."

Can you please explain to me where it is Illegal to go outside in underwear? You can’t tell people “this is your last warning” what are you gonna do? Arrest them? You can’t. - Amber Jarrard

Outrageous. You spend decades learning not to go to the bathroom WITH your pants on, and suddenly, you’re told not to take them off to check the mail. Pure facism! - Eddie Landsberg

Not all hero’s wear pants - Frank Madrigal

Ummmm...this is a joke. It isn't illegal to go outside in underwear(I wouldn't do it myself). If your junk is covered it isn't indecent exposure and most underwear isn't even as skimpy as a speedo or bikini. Looks to me like a bit of humor for these trying times.😂 - Mark Evans

This probably won't prove to be a problem in Western Colorado. Not only would most residents not do this, but the current record low temperatures would also motivate anyone to wear pants. Then again, this is Grand Junction and we wear flip-flops in snow.

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