Have you noticed this property at 1st and Rood in Grand Junction is up and running with a new business? Who's the new neighbor?

Please welcome ColoAuto Detailing to their second location at 124 N. 1st Street. This new location opened to the public a little over a week ago.

According to their Facebook post, their second location offers the same professional detailing services as their main location on 25 Road. The Facebook post says, "We have been so busy at the main location that we decided to open this to help alleviate some of the long wait times we have for getting in to get a vehicle detailed."

According to trdetail.com, there are ten good reasons why you should have your vehicle detailed:

  • Protect your investment
  • Resell value
  • Safety (glass and headlight coating)
  • Prevent interior odor
  • Allergies (Pollen, dust and pet dander can build up in a car quickly)
  • Professional use
  • Mental clarity (okay, this is pushing it a little)
  • Health
  • Everyday use
  • Increase longevity

According to their webpage, both locations are by appointment only. When speaking with them this morning, it was mentioned they're booked up several days in advance. According to their rep, a typical visit could take up to five or more hours.

Colorauto at 1st and Rood
Waylon Jordan

Personally, I've never had my vehicle detailed. With any luck, I'll be making the final payment on my car here in the next few months. When that happens, a thorough detailing may be in order. The seats in my car are looking pretty scuzzy. The windshield isn't much better. It would be nice to see this car looking "new" again.

Welcome to the neighborhood. I, for one, am glad to see a business up and running at this location.

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