Just like Gas, Kansas and Coal City, Illinois, the Grand Junction area has some ready-made businesses set to go, simply based on the city name.

So, here are some Grand Junction area businesses that should be.

Monument Monuments - Everything from simple gravestones to elegant Mausoleums. Call them today for all of your memorial needs.

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Junction Junk Yard - Like an upscale Sandford & Son. They carry only the best junk in Junction.

Fruita Fruit Baskets - They can create practically anything out fruit. Simple trays and baskets to combination bouquets fit for a King. Even a delicious fruitcake.


Clifton Cliff's Notes - They guarantee to have any book you could be tested on in this handy dandy abbreviated style. With 11,000 students at CMU and thousands more high school students in Mesa County, getting customers should be no problem.

Mack Trucks - I couldn't resist. It was too easy.

Christopher Furlong

Carpenter Carpentry - Practically anything can be made from wood. And these guys are the experts. From a doghouse to your house.

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Gateway Gates - To open or not to open. Anything from a doggy door in the backyard to keeping horses and cattle from leaving the pasture.

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