We had a blast this morning talking about things that wake us up in Grand Junction other than our alarm clock.

There's nothing like being woken up by something other than your alarm clock, and there is certainly nothing like being woken up when you are nowhere near ready to be woken up. If you have to wake up real early like radio people do, being woken up is probably one of life's big pet peeves.

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Grand Junction's Back-Up Alarm Clocks

Take the link to find this QOTD on our Facebook page to add your answer to the list. So many things wake us up in the morning, and I found that so many answers other people shared were also things that had woken me up before.

Kids, pets, bladders, oh my! From thunderstorms to noisy neighborhoods we can all think of something that wakes us other than our trusty alarm clock. Let's take a look.

Things That Wake Up Grand Junction Colorado Besides Our Alarm Clock

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