Believe it or not, at this very moment, Grand Junction, Colorado actually has a house on the market for $150,000. If you're looking for a starter home in a quiet neighborhood, look this way.

Just when you thought everything in this town was at least $300K, along comes this house in Orchard Mesa. At 528 square feet, you won't be hosting any weddings or Christmas galas in the home, but that's okay. If you're looking for a home with RV parking and a nice lot, this may just fit the bill.

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Home For Sale For $150K In Grand Junction, Colorado

This home at 1737 Palisade Street in Grand Junction, Colorado just hit the market in early March 2023. At the list price of $150,000, it won't be on the market long. It's a bit surprising an investor hasn't picked it up already.

Features On The Home

The listing at describes the home as:

  • one bed
  • one bath
  • 528 square feet
  • 77 square foot bedroom
  • wood stove
  • 8,712 square foot lot
  • detached single-car garage
  • irrigation well included
  • RV/boat parking

This May Be Just Perfect

There is such a thing as owning "too much house." If the expense doesn't get you, the upkeep will. This home has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and small office space. If you're a single person, what more do you really need?

Yes, it will need some work. Guess what? That can be some of the fun. If you possess skills when it comes to light carpentry, landscaping, and general maintenance, a little sweat equity may reap great benefits.

Cost Of Living

Property costs and rent have gone through the roof. It's a miracle anyone can afford any place to live these days. How much would it cost you each month to live in this house?

Let's say for a moment you put $25,000 down and mortgaged the remaining $125,000. Using the Google Mortgage Calculator, your monthly mortgage payment on a 30-year fixed at 7.5% would come to $879.00.

While that's anything but cheap, it may very well be the best deal in town. Given the incredible potential of the land this house occupies, this may prove to be a wise investment.

Hey, Waylon, What Do You Care?

The unbelievably high cost of real estate has me so mad I could squeeze a grape. How are people supposed to live? It was bad enough when I was trying to buy my first home in Grand Junction. Back then, a new home in this same neighborhood would have cost you $90,000.

Take a quick tour of this Grand Junction home. Regrettably, the listing did not include interior shots.

This Grand Junction Colorado Home Is On The Market For $150K

It's pretty hard to find any housing in Grand Junction, Colorado for under $225,000. This home is available right now for well below that amount.

You'll find this home in Orchard Mesa, not far from the Duck Pond. While it's not particularly huge, it may be the perfect home for you. If you're looking to invest in properties, this may be the perfect gateway. Take a quick tour.

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