By now you've heard whispers regarding the possibility of converting Grand Junction's 4th and 5th Streets to two-way streets. Here's a preview of a number of proposed concepts for the downtown area.

Not only can you take a peek, but you can also express your opinion. A survey accompanies these proposals, and you can make your feelings known.

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Several Concepts Have Been Proposed

The study conducted by the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority in conjunction with the City of Grand Junction involves potential improvements along 4th and 5th Streets. The proposal includes options such as maintaining one-way traffic on both streets or the potential of converting them to two-way corridors.

In any case, the proposal includes plans to improve:

  • bicycle facilities
  • economic development opportunities
  • traffic operations
  • walkability
  • improved neighborhood accessibility

Improvements Associated with Both Concepts

Even if the streets remain one-way, a number of improvements could be implemented. The same improvements have been slated for both options:

  • parallel parking
  • separated bike lane
  • expanded sidewalks
  • added amenities along the corridor

4th Street One-Way Enhanced

4TH Street One Way enhanced
City of Grand Junction

4th Street Two-Way Enhanced

4th Street Two-Way Enhanced
City of Grand Junction

5th Street One-Way Enhanced

5th Street One-Way Enhanced
City of Grand Junction

5th Street Two-Way Enhanced

5th Street Two-Way Enhanced
City of Grand Junction

Your Feedback is Requested

Your thoughts are requested regarding the Grand Junction 4th & 5th Street Feasibility Study Proposed Alternatives. The city posted a survey asking about your preferences for the 4th and 5th Street alternatives.

I just completed the survey, answering a grand total of exactly five questions. These are cut-and-dry questions, and you do not need to include your name.

Not Sure How I Feel

I drive this corridor at least twice a day. I've lived in Orchard Mesa since 1983, and have driven this route for 38 years. To be blunt, as I pointed out in the survey, I'm a little fatigued with taking 4th Street to Pitkin, dealing with the nightmare of making that left, and then cutting over to 5th to catch the bridge to Orchard Mesa. It's no biggie, just a little unnecessary.

Perhaps most important, after driving down these streets for 38 years, it seems sometimes Grand Junction drivers simply can't grasp the concept of one-way streets. On any given day you'll encounter someone making a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane. I wouldn't know what to do if I drove home one day and didn't see a car lying upside-down on the sidewalk next to the Rockslide. Collisions caused by people turning left from the right lane, or vice-versa, seem to be a daily occurrence along this corridor. The areas of 4th and Main and 4th and Colorado seem to be the epicenter.

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