For the time being, residents and retail workers in Glenwood Springs are required to wear face coverings in certain settings.

According to The Aspen Times, Monday night's 6-1 vote resulted in a public health order requiring face coverings “when entering and while inside of a place or conveyance open to the public.”

Those not affected by this order include:

  •  People under the age of 2
  • Those with an existing health condition where a face covering would cause impairment

Please note the repeated use of the term "face coverings." It is not by accident that the word "mask" is not being used. The Aspen Times reports Mayor Pro Tem Shelley Kaup said, “There’s a reason that the governor’s order for the recommendation on face coverings does not say masks and that’s because we have a shortage of masks and (personal protective equipment),” She added, “We do not want people going out and putting a strain on that limited supply.”

I've done my best to acknowledge the Stay at Home order, and as a result, have only gone out in public once since the Governor's order recommending face coverings. That outing involved a stop at a Grand Junction area grocery store last Sunday, April 5. By my estimates, fewer than 25% of the customers and employees in the store were wearing face coverings.  Of those who were, the majority wore homemade masks, while a few wore bandanas across their faces. An elite handful used whatever they could find, items such as painting masks. There are, of course, a number of creative possibilities.

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As of today, April 8, it appears the majority of people have had the opportunity to either fashion their own mask, acquire one, or order and receive some kind of medical mask.

Upon first donning my mask in public, to be perfectly blunt, I felt a bit weird. I felt as if I was going into the store to rob it rather than pick up a handful of groceries and postage stamps. It does take a little getting used to.

So, no matter how you look at it, as far as Glenwood Springs is concerned, the order is place. What are the consequences for those who choose not to comply? According to The Aspen Times, failure to observe the order could result in:

  • a fine up to $1,000
  • up to 364 days in jail

Okay, all of a sudden the idea of forking over $3 for a locally made cloth mask and going to the store looking like the Doritio Bandito doesn't seem all that bad. For those in Glenwood Springs, it's no longer a matter for debate.

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