As the Girl Scouts wrap up their annual cookie campaign, a Scout decided to test the theory of "marijuana munchies" by selling cookies outside a medical marijuana dispensary with incredible results.

Danielle Lei, who belongs to a a Girl Scout troop in San Francisco sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout in about two hours by setting up a table outside The Green Cross dispensary.

With the passage of Amendment 64 allowing the recreational use of pot in Colorado, we may start to see similar sales strategies by Girl Scouts in our state. Most are likely to be on the front range, as many communities in western Colorado have limited or banned the retail sale of either or both medical and recreational marijuana.

The local Girl Scouts are about to wrap up their cookie sales for the season. If you need a cookie fix, contact the Girl Scout office in Grand Junction. They can tell you where the final cookie booth sales will be. If you're lucky, the local office may even have a few stashed away they can sell you.

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