None of us has control over the government.

But we all have control over how we respond to it. For some, that means posting on social media sites about how wrong it is, or how right it is, while others prefer to stay out of the discussion entirely.

But in Colorado, and places elsewhere, the caring heart of people are showing themselves by offering food, groceries and more to help families in need during the shutdown, where no government employee is getting paid.

Here in Grand Junction, Zoup offered free soup to those affected by the shutdown, while in other areas of the state, restaurants are offering free meals and still others offering groceries to help out. Alpine Bank has offered to help those affected as well with no interest loans and six months to repay.

This shutdown was not their fault or the result of poor planning on their part, but because the government is at odds with itself over the wall.

Never have I been more proud to call myself a Coloradan. Seeing so many in so many parts of the state standing up and offering help does that to you. And with no agreement in sight, it may be a while longer before those affected start drawing their pay again.

And we Coloradans who care will still be there. Helping our brothers and sisters survive.

You guys rock.

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