You've heard the news about the Federal workers not receiving their paychecks and the suffering their families are enduring. A Western Colorado bank has stepped up to help.

Alpine Bank has decided to give Federal workers their paychecks. Glen Jammaron, Vice Chairman and President of Alpine Bank said -

Right now, the government shutdown is hammering real people. They are worried. They have housing costs, need groceries for their families and gas for their cars.

Jammaron adds, "Enough is enough." Beginning January 16, Alpine Bank will "give Federal workers their paychecks."

Alpine Bank has 40 locations across Colorado. Starting January 16, any furloughed Federal worker living in a Colorado community served by Alpine Bank is welcome at their nearest location. With a Colorado and Federal I.D., plus their most recent Federal payroll statement, Alpine will give them their next paycheck.

According to a press release from Alpine Bank, the institution has set aside $5 million to this end. Each worker will receive their own line of credit. The loan will not require payment during the shutdown. Those who receive funds will have until six months after the shutdown ends to pay it back. The press release also states no collateral is required. As a matter of fact, you don't have to be an existing customer at Alpine Bank.

Our loan is like a handshake between two people who care about each other, who will stand by one another during this crisis. - Glen Jammaron

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