Looking to "Hang 10" this weekend, but lack the time or funds to fly out to California. Don't worry, the surfing safari of your dreams is right here in Western Colorado. Head to your nearest canal and follow this man's example.

Are you afraid of sharks? Don't worry, the biggest danger you'll face on this surf adventure will be the guys working for the Irrigation District. They may not smile upon this. Then again, what are they going to do, throw their keys at you?

Eric Thomas and his high-tech custom designed board "The Clog" hit the waves in Fruita a few days ago. Okay, so that's not your typical regulation board. As you can clearly see in the photos, it works.

According to Thomas, he caught at least five good waves. That's not bad for a ditch.

Please note, the surfer in question took the proper precautions: wetsuit, helmet, etc. This "channel" offers a few challenges not found on the Pacific coast, namely bridges, cement borders, and giant boulders. Not only that, it's probably safe to say the Pacific is a little deeper than the 19 Road canal.

It seems as though this is a legitimate sport. Check out this footage shot in a Pueblo.

Killer waves await at a Western Colorado ditch near you. Weather looks to be warm this weekend. Surfs up!

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