After a lengthy hiatus, a Friday morning breakfast tradition is back. If you're a creature of habit, it's time to get back in the groove.

This sign was spotted at a Grand Junction area restaurant. It is undoubtedly music to the ears of many.

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Things are Slowly Creeping Back

This sign is displayed in the window of Golden Corral at 1100 Independent Avenue in Grand Junction. If you go back in time, this restaurant used to offer a morning buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then along came COVID-19, and things shut down.

This restaurant managed to maintain the Saturday and Sunday breakfast buffet throughout most of the shutdown, but the Friday portion went bye-bye.

Fast forward to June 2021, and it's back. The breakfast buffet is back to three mornings per week, beginning at 7:30 a.m.

How's It Going?

I stopped by Golden Corral at 7:30 this morning (Friday, June 4, 2021) to witness the breakfast buffet's triumphant return. It wasn't quite what I was expecting.

In a word, I was "lonely." By my count, there were three people there, including me. I've recently seen the Saturday and Sunday breakfast buffet in action, and they're impressive. The place packs out on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Even in the midst of COVID-19, the unvanquished weekend buffet raged on.

Get the Word Out

I'm guessing the word isn't out regarding the highly anticipated return of the Friday buffet. If my parents were still alive, they would be there Friday mornings at 7:25 peeking through the glass. They loved the place. Considering how much time they spent there,  I'm not sure why they didn't just move in.

Local restaurants are finally seeing a resurgence. Dining rooms starting to reopen. Personally, I don't believe anyone has ever had an intellectual experience while going through a drive-thru. Opportunities to sit and enjoy a meal with friends and family are popping up all over the place. Make the most of them.

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