The Friday, July 13, is National French Fries Day. French Fries are like Star Trek - even when they're bad, they're still pretty good. That having been said, who makes Grand Junction's best?

French fries come in every shape in size you can imagine. You can get fresh cut, frozen, and from what I understand, some of the fast food joints actually puree their potatoes, form them, and the flash freeze them.

Back in the mid-1980's, you could go to Prime Cut Meat Market, and prior to that, Sirloin Stockade, and get totally fresh cut french fries. On one occasion, those fresh cut french fries came with my cousin's fresh cut and severed fingertip. He worked there circa 1986 and cut the tip of his index finger off on the potato slicer. They had the send the manager in to find the tip.

In this case, those fries were 100% real potato, and to prove it, you could literally ring the grease out of them. They had the skins and everything.

My grandpa, a World War II vet, would you tell you that McDonald's french fries were the single greatest abomination in human history. Personally, I really like them.

Everybody is different, and we all have our preferences. Earlier this year, one of our staff did a social media survey asking about the best fries in Grand Junction. Many people responded, and he published a post about it. In this case, though, it wasn't taken to a vote. I'm obsessive, a.k.a. anal, and would like to pursue other sources of data.

Let's take it to a vote. Who makes Grand Junction's best french fries? Don't see your favorite? Write it in, and I'll add it.

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