Colorado Parks and Wildlife, celebrating Colorado Day, will waive entry fees into all 41 parks in the state on August 5.

Traditionally, August 1 is considered Colorado Day but are moving the free day to August 5.

So what is your favorite Colorado State park? What do you enjoy doing the most but don't do because you don't have the entry fee? Now you can go, not worry about paying the entry fee and enjoy your favorite Colorado state park all day. HIke the amazing trails we have, enjoy the beauty of Colorado in every one of the 41 state parks tucked away in every part of the state.

For those unaware, Colorado Day was created to celebrate Colorado's statehood, which was granted by President Ulysses S Grant in 1876.

Keep in mind, though the free day is only for park entry. If you plan on camping or getting a fishing license, those fees still apply.

But for Colorado Day, celebrating it on the fifth instead of today gives us a few more days to decide which park or parks we want to go play at for a day.

A free day. Who says you can't get anything free anymore?

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