During a traffic stop recently on I-70 in Summit County, four men were found to be transporting 33 roosters.

The roosters, each in a crate, had no food or water as they were being transported and the four men are now wanted on suspicion of Animal fighting and animal cruelty.

The warrants have been issued for Cody Lance Smith of Kentucky, 28; Kenneth D. Dotson of Kentucky, 29; Austin Clanton of Tennessee, 26; and Jose Saltos, Jr., 42.

Animal fighting is a felony and carries with it a jail term of up to three years and with 33 roosters, the intent was clear to officers. The roosters were taken from the men and euthanized to eliminate the potential health risk involved due to the nature of the birds.

The decision was made by the State Veterinarian for the Department of Agriculture in Colorado, recommending the birds not be sheltered or rescued due to their interstate travel and the risk of carrying diseases.

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