Something terribly tragic happened to a family in Colorado earlier this week. Their dog was beat to death and now they're searching for answers.

John Pipe lives in Weld County with his wife and 8-year-old son. John owns Riverside Truck and Auto Recyclers, according to 9News. He often takes his dog, Cody, to work with him.

Cody is an Irish Wouldfound mix and went missing on Tuesday. Unfortunately, John found his dog the next day in the worst way. He found Cody's body just a few feet away from the property on Wednesday.

It was obvious that someone beat up this poor pup and was trying to make a statement. The person left Cody's body close to John's business because they obviously wanted him to see what they did. The monster also took off Cody's collar and then put it around a pipe right next to the dog.

According to necropsy results, sweet Cody suffered head and chest trauma and they beat him so bad, they shattered the dog's jaw. This is obviously a trying time for John and his family, especially his son.

Cody slept next to John's eight-year-old son every single night and the kid is really missing his best friend. The family is working with the Weld County Sheriff's Office to find out more about what happened to their poor pup.

According to John:

We want other people to know that there's possibly someone thats' got that sort of sick mind, that sort of level of cruelty that they can lower themselves to, you know, kill a dog.

See more on this and what Cody looked like here.

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