Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake "the Snake" Plummer will be serving as a guest budtender this weekend in Boulder.

Plummer was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos from 2003-2006 before leaving professional football after 10 seasons and has been an open and strong advocate of medical marijuana.

This Saturday, Plummer will be at The Honey Cellar, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Boulder. He will be signing autographs and doing some budtending -- which I assume is the weed version of bartending. Plummer will also be recording his podcast "Snakes Takes," in which he talks largely about football, but also a variety of other topics as well.

The National Football League prohibits the use of marijuana by its players both recreationally and medicinally, however, with more states approving recreational marijuana and many people touting the pain relieving effects of marijuana, the league may soon change its position.

Plummer is one, among many others, who is hopeful and confident that the NFL will change its anti-marijuana stance sooner rather than later. He tells the Bleacher Report, "There is no way you can stop a movement like this."