Southwestern Colorado needs rain, and it needs it now. Firefighters have a huge fight on their hands. What are the odds the region will see rain in the near future?

According to the National Weather Service, the southwestern part of Colorado could see rain as early as Thursday night (June 14). Before anyone gets too excited, the forecast only mentions "isolated thunderstorms that may carry rain."

Is this automatically a good thing? According to the Durango Herald, not necessarily. This weather system could produce lightning and no rain, having a detrimental effect.

Let's talk about Saturday and Sunday. The National Weather Service says Saturday and Sunday could produce rain and cooler temperatures. According to Mike Charnick, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, most of Southwest Colorado will see moisture, with higher terrains being favored by this system.

What about Grand Junction? The National Weather Service predicts a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms Friday afternoon. That pattern will continue Saturday night. In addition, temperatures will be slightly lower than the last few days.

Does this weather system signify the arrival of the monsoon season? Charnick says no. Okay, so where is this system coming from. It seems we have Bud to thank for this. Hurricane Bud, located in the eastern Pacific, is sending moisture our way.

Is this weather system going to stick around? Again, Charnick says no. According to the Durango Herald, Charnick does state, " is a fortunate change in the weather pattern we've been looking for."

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