Are you ready to make a startling new discovery in life?

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mustard

Just when you thought you had food completely figured out, almost as if by divine revelation, you make a discovery that revolutionizes your life and the way you experience food. Welcome to the world of mustard. My life changed forever when I put mustard on these 10 unexpected foods. The first Saturday in August is National Mustard Day.

For years we have enjoyed mustard on barbecue staples such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and brats. We've put it in our potato salad egg salad, and deviled eggs. But, is that all mustard is good for?? Heavens, no, we've only scratched the surface. Why not mustard on your breakfast cereal or a mustard sundae?

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You Just Can't Look Away

I must warn you before you go any further, the next few moments you spend with this post may rock your world in such a way you can only imagine. You'll want to look away, but, like a bad car accident or a gruesome football injury, you just can't.

The fact is, mustard goes well with so many foods you would never think of. If you can think outside the picnic basket box, you can open up an entirely new world of tastes. What you may discover is that mustard is actually quite at home on the breakfast table, with fruit, and even your favorite dessert.

At the bottom of this post, you can see a video demonstration of me trying a variety of surprising foods with mustard. Believe me, nobody is more surprised than me.

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