The flag currently flying high on Mt. Garfield is in need of being replaced.

The flag currently flying at the summit of Mt. Garfield has reached the end of its life. Given the short lifespan of a flag at this location, those who maintain the site go through flags very quickly. The supply of replacements has been exhausted.

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Four years ago, a group of dedicated people hiked up Mt. Garfield equipped with an amazing new flag pole and a new flag. Before long the flag was fluttering in the breeze. This effort was made just in time to celebrate Memorial Day 2017.

Well, as time goes by, and weather rolls through the valley, the flag experiences a tremendous amount of wear and tear. On average, the flag at this site lasts about three months. It's time to replace the flag.

Where Do The Flags Come From?

To date, several generous people have donated flags to this cause. The flag pictured below went up on July 4, 2019. This flag is the very flag you see flying high in the picture at the top of this post.

Mt. Garfield's New Flag
Waylon Jordan

It's Windy Up There

There exists a challenge when it comes to this site. Winds are constant, and at times brutal at the top of Mt. Garfield. Flags, even those made of heavy materials like the one pictured above have a lifespan of three months at best. Some are lucky to see one month.

One of the organizers behind this effort takes extra measures to have the flags reinforced with extra stitching. That requires time and money.

Unfortunately, flags like the one shown above can be very pricey. There are other options, but those come with their own challenges. There's a flag in my home which I'll be happy to donate to this cause. It is of a much lighter material, and as I understand it, will last only a month or two.

What's Needed

In any case, flags need to be at least 5' X 8' and preferably made of heavier material. I can't recall, but I believe the cost of having the stitching reinforced comes in around $100.

A Little Birdie Told Me

A little birdie by the name of Dan informed me the current flag will be replaced in the next week. He also mentioned this represents the last of the flags in his possession. It's time to restock the inventory and get them prepped for the windy conditions on Mt. Garfield.

Hint, Hint

I am in contact with those who maintain the flag. While they don't ask for donations, I happen to know for a fact the cost of maintaining the flag is coming out of their own pockets. The flags are expensive, and at four to five new flags per year, this endeavor gets pricey. If you'd care to assist with the expenses of maintaining the flag, it would be my pleasure to be the liaison. Get in touch with me, and I'll make the connection.

Here are a handful of past flags, varying is dimensions, flying high on top of Mt. Garfield. For the record, there is a light trained on the flag at all times, so protocols are being observed. Summer, fall, spring, winter, 365 days a year, this flag flies high over the valley.

Flags at the Top of Mt. Garfield in Western Colorado

Past flags flying at the summit of Mt. Garfield in Palisade, Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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