The holiday season is upon us and, if you're like me, perhaps you have a lot of family Christmas photos where everyone else is dressed nice, but you're wearing a black band t-shirt. No joke, my favorite Christmas photo of me and my family features me, dead center, wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. Well, if that is the case, you're in luck! Amazon has a bunch of rock-themed ugly Christmas sweaters so you can still rock your favorite bands, while still getting into the holiday spirit.

This Guns N' Roses themed sweater is, yes, pretty ugly, but that's the point! With Appetite for Destruction artwork, it screams "Welcome to the Christmas."

Here we have a very festive Red Hot Chili Peppers ugly Christmas sweater, featuring their iconic logo. Your family doesn't need to know that they are well known for playing concerts wearing nothing but tube socks, and not on their feet.

Here's one even my grandma would recognize, and maybe even wear! In a strange twist, I actually saw the Rolling Stones on Thanksgiving once, where Mick told the crowd, "You know, if the founding fathers had eaten a cat on Thanksgiving instead of a turkey, we'd all be eating..." well, I think you can guess what he said.

While Slayer does have its own brand of ugly Christmas sweaters, it probably isn't a good idea to wear a sweater with a pentagram on it for Christmas. Here's a much more playful take on the band.

And finally, if  you can't decide on which band you want to represent on Christmas, this one just screams "I'm still metal, even though it's Christmas."

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