Are you searching for a new home? Have you considered living in peaceful Fruita, Colorado? Right now, you'll find several homes for under $150,000.00. Here are five you might consider.

Everybody talks about moving to Fruita. Following a brief search, it seems as though property prices in Fruita are slightly higher than comparable properties in Grand Junction. Recently, I put together a post of five houses in Grand Junction for under $125,000. That dollar figure didn't turn up much in Fruita. However, bounce that price up to $150,000, and a few excellent investments appear.

Why do I care about searching out affordable housing? It seems sometimes people feel there are no options when searching for a starter home or something in the lower price ranges. As a slumlord, I mean landlord, I'm always searching for a great investment. In any case, there are enough people out there building $600,000 houses. What about those of us searching for something more affordable?

For your consideration, these are five Fruita homes priced under $150,000. Please note we have limited this to single family houses, excluding modular and trailers.

  • 1

    1029 East Carolina Avenue

  • 2

    204 Honeysuckle Circle

  • 3

    909 East Pabor Avenue


    This house pushes the $150,000 price range with a little room to spare.

    Chesnick Realty, Inc.
  • 4

    913 East Cleveland Avenue

  • 5

    544 East Harrison Avenue