Are you in the market for a new home in the Grand Junction area? Are you looking for something costing less than the average person's lifetime salary? Check out these five Grand Junction homes currently on the market for $125,000 or less.

Growing up in Grand Junction, I can remember a time when $125,000 would buy a palace. My grandparents purchased their home on Little Park Road, complete with two acres of land, back in 1971 for $20,000. As I recall, my brother purchased his first house just off North Avenue somewhere around 1989 for $28.000.

Today, a quarter of a million dollars will barely get you a two bedroom house on a quarter acre lot. Things have changed in Valley. In the event you're looking for a starter home, these five options from might be just what you're looking for.

  • 1

    222 Meadow Point Dr

    ReMax/400 Inc
  • 2

    117 Anna Drive

    Keller Williams Colorado West Realty, LLC
  • 3

    1020 N. 10th Street

    Bray Real Estate
  • 4

    2754 Sunshine Lane Grand Junction

    Real Estate West
  • 5

    3022 D and a Half Road Grand Junction

    Heath & Co Realtors/Mb
  • 6

    BONUS PROPERTY - 3022 D and a Half Road


    ...then there's this little fixer upper. Okay, so it's not anyone's first choice. Then again, it's small, easy to maintain, and comes with two skylights. Seriously, this was listed on the website.

    Bray Real Estate