Try these totally cool Grand Junction ways to wrap your presents when you don't have regular wrapping paper.

  • 5) Use a Grand Junction/Mesa County Map


Especially for that friend or family member that lives out of state. Kind of a 'here is where I am' reminder.

  • 4) Your Favorite Radio Station's Banners


I may be biased on this one, but for the ultimate KEKB fan wouldn't this be awesome?

  • 3) An Old Mesa County/Grand Junction Phone Book


Start tearing out pages. You can alternate between white pages and yellow pages. More colorful that way.

  • 2) Outdated Grand Junction Calendar


Why not? Can't use it for anything else. It's pretty sturdy paper. Plus, the pretty pictures.

  • 1) Recycle the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

If you are going to use this method, make sure to stockpile papers from November. That way it will look like you have had this done for a while - instead of the very last minute like always. You can't use a December 24th newspaper.


BONUS : If you are really in a bind, you can use good ol' fashioned toilet paper. Preferably two-ply. Butt (sic) remember, don't throw it away, it still has a purpose!

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