The fight is troubling enough but watch closely. 14-year-old girl attacked by three other girls. Apparently, over a boy.But, that is not what troubles me. Yes, the fight is totally out of line and uncalled for. And I truly hope that all three of the girls receive some sort of harsh punishment. Watch the video again. Look at how many kids are standing around. When the fight breaks out what do they all do? Try to help and break it up? NOPE!

Count how many of these kids have their phones in their hands are recording the fight! Every single one of them. This is more disturbing, to me than the actual fight.

If this was your child out there videotaping this, trying to rack up 'LIKES' and 'VIEWS' on YouTube, instead of helping and trying to break the fight up before someone gets seriously hurt, how would you react?

For me, there would an old-school punishment for my kid. Well, first of all, I would hope that I have raised my kids right and they would never be involved or in this type of situation. But, if they did, hopefully, they would act appropriately and not whip out their phones and try to get the best angle!

This is the future of our country? What are these kids going to be like when they are adults? Honestly, it's a scary thought.

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