The excitement of riding the rapids wasn't nearly enough for this pair.

Two drunk sisters got into a tiff while they were riding on an inflatable raft along North Carolina's Nanatahala Gorge.

It's like Deliverance, The River Wild and every sibling rivalry came together to make this.

It's unclear why they were fighting. It's also unclear why they chose this precise moment to settle their differences and force a guide in another boat to interrupt this Marcia-Jan moment.

If there's one thing worse than having your parents to threaten to turn this car around, we just realized it's a boat guide yelling to get your hands off of her in front of other boaters and  demand the person leading the raft to pull over. That's a big matzo ball of embarrassment.

Pity the two other women in the boat. One appears to be a guide of some sort (and why exactly does she kiss one of the sisters at the 2:05 mark?!), while the other merely seems to be the epitome of "wrong place, wrong time."

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