Looks like there is an official petition now, to stop the change of one of Grand Junction's most iconic streets. The fight to keep North Avenue continues on. 

The hot button topic right now in Grand Junction is the proposed name change of North Avenue. The group that is opposed to it just got a huge surge forward in their battle.

Final approval has been given on an official petition that will give a much needed legal boost to the Grand Junction residents who wish to keep North Avenue the way that is, has been and always should be.

  • According to a report, if the petition can gather 1,200 signatures, then the council would then execute the group's ordinance as it's written within 40 days, however, if the council does not, then the decision to put it on the next public election scheduled for April 2019.
  • If the group can obtain 2,500 signatures that would help push the issue to a possible 'special' election. Whether that would be a public vote, it did not say.

There seemed to be a major change of opinion in at least one of the Grand Junction City Council members.  Duncan McArthur, who voted 'NO' on the proposal, did say that the council could reconsider if the opposition is significant.

Look for this now OFFICIAL banner in and around Grand Junction. Plus, you can check out KeepNorth4Ever on Facebook.


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