When one sets out to make a bold and daring prison break, it is probably a good idea to make sure that the old beer gut will fit comfortably through the escape hatch without first being greased like a farmhouse pig.

Unfortunately, if this seemingly minute detail is not tended to, you could end up getting stuck just like 224-pound inmate, Rafael Valadao.

Earlier this week, Valadao and a few of his inmate buddies attempted to gain early redemption from a Brazilian prison by squeezing through a chiseled out portion of the jailhouse walls. However, while the first, skinnier inmate easily made his way through the trap door to freedom, the other three were not as fortunate.

That’s because the situation got a little tight after Valadao and his bulging belly got wedged in between the walls, leaving the other two inmates with no hope of even trying to make a break for it. Of course, things took a turn for the worse for Valadao after prison guards discovered him dangling on the outside of the wall, which led to them purposely humiliating him while firefighters worked to pull him from the structure.

“He was screaming with pain when help arrived,” said a police spokesperson. “He seemed to have underestimated the size of his stomach.”

Valadao was treated at a local hospital for a broken rib and some hurt feelings.

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