Do you recall the legendary "2nd pair free, 2nd pair free, 2nd pair free" commercials airing in Grand Junction back in the 70s, 80s, and if memory serves, well into the 90s? The unforgettable spokesman just made the list of most famous Grand Junction icons.

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Dominating the Airwaves

Seriously, the Optical Center commercials must have run during every commercial break on Grand Junction television. Seriously, every few minutes you would see one of these ads.

Secret Identity Revealed

Watch the commercial, and you'll find he identifies himself as "Steve from the Optical Center. The 2nd Pair Free guy." Obviously, he doesn't seem to mind the moniker.

Growing in Intensity

Each of their commercials was more creative and outlandish than its predecessor. The spokesman was seen in situations ranging from snake charming to pursuing mental health counseling.

Makes Grand Junction's Top 25

One of our crew, Wes, recently posted the list of the Top 25 Grand Junction Celebrities. It appears Steve, the 2nd Pair Free Guy, is in good company. He shares the spotlight with other local and international Grand Junction celebrities including:

  • Kurt Russell
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Speedo-Man
  • Rick Schroder
  • Dragon Lady from Zen Garden (I still haven't a clue who this is)

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I'm happy to provide an assortment of Youtube videos showcasing these vintage commercials. Before long you'll begin to notice a certain sameness when it comes to the advertisements. The "2nd Pair Free, 2nd Pair Free, 2nd Pair Free" slogan became a popular catchphrase in Grand Junction.

There you go, a quick trip down Grand Junction's Memory Lane. I see the business is still in operation. The commercials and local fame of the pitch person obviously worked.

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