Have you ever gone to your mailbox and received a check you didn't know you had come to you?

It's probably because you didn't. There is a scam sweeping the southern portion of Colorado as well as the rest of the country, and it's only a matter of time before it impacts the rest of the state and country.

These scams involve sending a check to unsuspecting Americans, then giving instructions on depositing the check and sending money out to the scammers.

The Better Business Bureau has reported consumers have lost $372,989 from these scams and the scammers are becoming more creative in getting people to follow the instructions pertaining to these bogus checks.

The funds on the check are phony, and if you deposit it then send out money from it, you will be held responsible.

So if you get one of these checks, usually concerning lottery winnings or employment checks, contact the authorities and let them handle it.

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