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In 2021, it's incredible to look back on memories from the past, and there's no better way to do that than to peek at postcards from Colorado's storied history.

The postcards feature beautiful hand-painted landscapes, incredible photographs, and overall, messages of love. Check out our favorites below, courtesy of The Estes Park Museum's "Wish You Were Here Wednesday" on their Facebook page and their archive online.

1. Postcard featuring Hallet Glacier, the 1910s
This postcard highlights Hallet's Glacier, "the most beautiful, most rugged, and most accessible spot in the entire Rocky Mountain region", it says on the back.

2. "The Town That Never Forgets Christmas"
The map is hand-drawn, and while the date is unknown the author is not: the handwritten publication info says 'Connie's Cartoons'.

3. To Helen: A 1930s view of Gem Lake
The postcard, sent in 1933, is addressed to Helen Been and reads "Remember Blondell Horstmame? We are invited there a nite this week in Denver. Love, Hazel"

4. From Enoch: The Forks Hotel in the Big Thompson Canyon, c. 1912
On the back of the postcard, Enoch writes to Lena: "A peep at our mountain place. It's on the river in the Canon. Wish you could see it."

5. To Mr. & Mrs. Riley Black: Elkhorn Avenue in the 1970s
Stamped with the face of President Eisenhower, the postcard reads: "Nice weather here, 40 degrees in morn. See you later, Bonny."

6. To Mr. Day, a romantic message from 1933
This postcard highlights Mt. Chapin, "a peculiar shaped and well-known mountain", and reads "I have missed you. It seems as if you ought to be here. You always have been. I may beat this card home."

7. An early view of Elkhorn Avenue
The image is dated between 1907-1909, and the message on the back reads: "Just shacks. That's what they call the houses. Where the X Is is a tent shelter over a frame with a boarding house. Makes a nice home. Not so cold. --- as our night----. Mande from Mary"

8. The first snow fall on Fall River Road, Postmarked 1921
Addressed to A.G. Vair, the card reads: "Does the heat keep up? You ought to be in Colo where nights are always cool! Am afraid I won't have chance to write letter for a few days as I now plan to go with Mt. Club to climb Longs Peak this weekend (no work Mon)."

9. Horseshoe Park, From Hilda, Postmarked 1916
To Daisy, this card reads: "This is a splendid view of the mountains and I thot (sic) you would like it - How I wish you and Wm Hoyt and dear cousin Mary could come and eat dinner with me on Thanksgiving Day - My! wouldn't we be truly thankful then."

10. Postcard from Maisie from the Fountain Motor Lodge, 1955
Maisie wrote: "Tuesday, Here we stay of Sunday night. Last night we were in Oberlin, Kansas. Hot after the high country."

Let's get back to sending postcards and other handwritten messages of love and friendship. If there's one thing that ages well, it's showing how much we care for our friends and family.

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