Have you driven past 2nd and Pitkin in Grand Junction, Colorado lately? A device on a tripod has been sitting on the corner for several days. What is that thingamajiggy?

This has been bugging me for a week. Today, I had a chance to catch up with the person responsible for putting it there. Here's what's going on.

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Alien Contraption on the Corner of 2nd and Pitkin in Grand Junction

For several days, going clear back to January 4, 2022, this device has been sitting unattended on the street corner. At a glance, it's a device sitting atop a tripod, powered by what looks like a car battery directly below.

If this is supposed to be a super-top-secret camera, it's not doing a very good job. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Who would anyone want to monitor at the corner of 2nd and Pitkin in Grand Junction?

GPS at 2nd and Pitkin in Grand Junction 2
Waylon Jordan

Went to Social Media for Guidance

Normally, in situations such as this, social media outlets work like a charm. I went to Facebook to see if anyone could point me in the right direction. One genius made the astute observation that the device was in fact a tripod. Thank you for that brilliant insight.

Caught The Perp In Action

Earlier today, January 12, I managed to catch the person responsible for placing this device on the corner. I was busy visiting Pufferbelly Restaurant when I was supposed to be working, and I witnessed the person approaching the device.

After speaking with the person for a few minutes, it was learned the item on the tripod is a GPS device. The worker was using a "Rover" which works in concert with the GPS. According to forconstructionpros.com:

A rover is a small GPS receiver with data-collecting, and usually transmitting, capability. Their ability to quickly and inexpensively measure and report work in progress offers contractors unprecedented insights into their production.


Generally, a rover works in combination with a satellite base station located somewhere on or near the jobsite. That stationary base station improves the accuracy of a rover’s position data. - forconstructionpros.com

Looking at the price tag, these units sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. It would be a bit nerve-wracking to leave it unattended on a street corner.

We May Now Go Back To Our Daily Lives

I can sleep now. This has been bugging me for days. If you're like me, you've probably been wondering for days what this thingy is. We should all go out and buy one.

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