Whenever you travel from Grand Junction to Moab, Utah you can go the fast way or the scenic route, but neither will be as fast as this time lapse video.

I have to confess, whenever I have the occasion to go to Moab I want to get there as fast as possible. That means taking Interstate 70 to Crescent Junction and then taking U.S. 191 south into Moab.

For others who are more inclined to take some time to smell the roses, the scenic option is to take Interstate 70 to the Cisco turn off and take Highway 128 along the Colorado River and roll into Moab from the "back side." Your trip will take a little longer, but from all accounts, it's well worth the time.

There is one other option - and that is to take this speedy time-lapse video tour to see what you may be missing. As a bonus, you can see some outstanding footage of the Colorado National Monument.

If you do decide to take the scenic route to Moab, don't forget the camera - and perhaps some motion sickness pills for any car-sick prone passengers.



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