May 25 is National Wine day and as we all know, or should, the best wines are grown right here in Colorado.

The Western Slope of Colorado is quickly becoming known as the "epicenter of Colorado wines" and it's not difficult to understand why. This region lends itself to some of the sweetest, tastiest grapes around.

And, while having just a nice glass of wine is an absolute joy, we can get creative here and come up with some good drinks to enjoy with all of this delicious wine.

Using fruit and a variety of mixers, you can really get creative. For example:

Add Palisade peaches to your drink.

Depending on the type of wine you choose, adding Palisade peaches just adds a ton of flavor. Not to mention how incredible that peach is going to taste after sitting in that delicious wine.

Apples, watermelon, oranges

How creative do you feel? Take a blood orange and drop it in your glass and let those two flavors get together. Oh man that's good. Apple slices help bring all kids of flavors to your palate. And honestly, I had never tried a watermelon slice in wine until last week. Just make sure you take out the seeds.

Other Alcohol

Like Tequila perhaps? Try it and see how you like it. You may have to experiment with a few different wines, but that's ok. You can find all kinds of recipes on line that will spark your imagination. Just make sure you share them with the rest of us! And don't drive!

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