A tourist at Yellowstone National Park learned why you need to stay away from wildlife, the hard way.

USA Today shared this video on their Facebook page today, showing a group of tourists filming a female elk. A few seconds into the video, another tourist steps in the frame to take an up-close-and-personal photo of the elk.

Just as the guys filming were about to tell the woman she should step back, the elk charges her (it's hard to tell if the elk made contact or not) but the lady ended up on her keister.

You can hear the dude tell the woman that he was trying to warn her she was too close, and the lady says something back that's kind of inaudible, until you hear her say, "that'll never happen again." The dude chuckles, "Yea. It won't happen again."

Seriously, folks. Stay away from wildlife, you're treading on their turf.

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