Elizabeth Donald is playing relationship counselor in her new song, "Easier to Apologize." The song cautions of the damage words said in the heat of anger can have on a loving relationship, and why settling things is always the better way.

The song juxtaposes a gentle, but captivating melody over a moody, minimalistic instrumental track that is both contemporary and timeless. Donald gives an evocative vocal performance as she delivers a lyric about the importance of forgiveness.

"So you raise that white flag and / Take those words back / I start to see your side, you start to see mine / Then we pour some red wine and / Make love 'til the sun shines / 'Cause we know how fast time flies / It's easier to apologize," she sings.

Donald assembled a dream team of top talent to produce the track, working with Dann Huff, John McBride and David Huff at Blackbird Studio in Nashville. One of Nashville's top songwriters wrote "Easier to Apologize."

"This track was written by one of Nashville’s greatest songwriters, Hillary Lindsey. I am honored to have recorded it with country music's greatest production team at Blackbird," Donald states.

"In this crazy day and age, this song is such a beautiful reminder not to argue over petty things, to love, to forgive and to treasure what you have. I know this song is going to resonate with so many, at the end of the day that’s what we as artists want.... we want people to connect and for 3 minutes and 45 seconds feel transported, feel understood."

"Easier to Apologize" is Donald's follow-up to her debut single, "High Definition," which reached the Top 10 on iTunes. The Australian singer currently resides in Dubai, but she's been traveling in and out of Nashville to work on tracks for her new project.

"Easier to Apologize" is set for release on Friday (July 12).

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