While working on some spring cleaning projects my wife and I quickly made a stack of old electronics that we don’t use anymore. I had no idea that we were storing four old laptops that we hadn’t used in years and that would never be turned on again. It was just a pile of old stuff that we had moved multiple times for no reason and that needed to change.

Savannah found CORRecycling here in Grand Junction pays for old electronics so I dropped off the old stuff and made almost $2. But I found out that CORRecycling is actually changing locations soon.

While it was great to make a couple of bucks (literally) off the old laptops, I was more interested in finding out about what is going on with their business. As I want to know where to go moving forward when I have other electronics to get rid of.

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CORRecycling Will Still Accept the Electronics You Want to Recycle in Grand Junction at a New Location

Their old building was located at 739 3rd Avenue in Grand Junction but when I was talking to employees this week they are in the middle of moving the shop down Hwy 6 & 50 behind our friends at Western Slope Auto. As they are working to move things you might want to call to check where to drop off your old electronics at (970) 644-5301

When you’re ready to get rid of old electronics here in Western Colorado these guys make it easy.

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