The El Paso Police department is under fire after a video was released showing one of the officers pulling a gun on kids.

The video was shot as officers had one child on the ground, with an officer holding down a young man's head. As the youths around the officer begin to shout obscenities, the officer pulls his gun and warns them all to stay back.

The officers had responded to a report of a criminal trespass in progress. The situation became worse when an officer allegedly began choking one of the kids, who was against the wall. Several people in the area began video recording the incident, including the young man that was on the ground. When the officers would not relent, the young man handed his phone off to his mother, who was then chased by the officers to obtain it. The young man recording the video was handcuffed and placed in the police car as well.

The officer in question has been reassigned to desk duty, pending the department's investigation.

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