An El Paso County community is through with Christmas thievery and is now giving the gift of karma in return. Those presents on the porch aren't what they seem.

After a local porch in this El Paso Community was robbed, the community decided to find a pretty funny solution to this problem. They've dubbed this a neighborhood-wide porch pirate plan, according to Fox 21.

Locals have started putting decoy boxes out. Whether they're empty or filled with rocks, phone books or dirty diapers -- the joke is on them.

According to Fox 21, Samual Vasquez of El Paso County said:

I hope it deters them. Basically, everybody here works hard for their money and they want to do good for their kids and so with them opening these surprise boxes so to speak, they stop coming out here and either go and get a real job or just leave us alone.

It seems a bit ironic that during this season of giving, people are doing more taking than giving. But as the saying goes, what goes around comes around.

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